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Welcome to Move SBI Website to Wordpress

Hello and Welcome to my tutorial about how to Move your SBI site to Wordpress. Wordpress is a free system, all you need is a new hosting account.

Hello and Welcome to my tutorial about how to Move your SBI site to WordPress. WordPress is a free system, all you need is a new hosting account. I do strongly suggest using Hostgator, they have the best support and quality on the net.


I had the massive and unnerving task of moving my 5,000 page website from SBI (which uses proprietary software making things considerably more difficult) to another server. I was completely lost because I had only learnt the SBI! way.A nice person who had heard of my predicament put me in touch with Daniel. I had no idea who I was going to deal with. Would he be honest, available and competent?Daniel passes on all three. It was a pleasure working with him on a tricky move that included a dozen sub-domains that had to be set up as well.Daniel chose the server (Hostgator) and the platform (WordPress).And it did not cost the earth either. However, it was not cheap, but the quality was very good and I’ll take that anytime.I would recommend Daniel if you want to move your website.If you are an SBIer who wants to get out of and are anxious about the process, I would highly recommend Daniel for this specialist task. Contact him and take it from there.

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So you want to move your site off SBI. You sure have many questions about how to do this, and my tutorials and coaching are designed to make the transition as effortless as possible.

“When it came time for the renewal of one of my SBI sites, I decided not to renew it at SiteSell. Google has made it clear that any website can lose much of its traffic at any time, and this site only makes a small profit as it is. Maintaining six SBI websites was never easy and doing audits on all of them everytime Google does something new was going to be impossible. Not knowing anything about moving a website, I had to find someone to help me. Fortunately, another SBIer recommended Daniel. Daniel patiently guided me though the process and answered every questions that had. Now that my site has been successfully moved to WordPress, Daniel still answers any questions. I can enthusiastically recommend Daniel to those who want to move a site to another host, and lack the knowledge to do it or the time to learn how.”


Frequently asked Questions

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When I left SBI, I was convinced that HTML is far superior to WordPress (I had used WordPress before I came to SBI), and so I transitioned my sites keeping the static HTML structure. Today I would put my less successful site on WordPress, if I had found any tutorial like this.

Since I also have documented how to move an SBI site keeping the HTML structure, I do think it is important for you to understand my recommendations. Having said that logically no guarantees concerning Google/bing etc. and website income can be and are not given, here is my recommendation.

I recently made the decision to move one of my sites, from sbi to WordPress.  Searching online I came across Daniel and decided to take the plunge on his video course showing you how to transfer across.  I found the whole process much easier than anticipated.  Dan’s videos contain excellent information, and when I needed a bit more help he was right there.

My site is now fully functioning away from sbi and there has been no drop in traffic whatsoever.

If you are considering moving from sbi to WP then I can give a big recommendation for Daniel’s service.  I am currently preparing to move two more (larger) sites from sbi to WP.

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I will show you a way to use WordPress but not change the linking structure (I’ll show you how to keep the .html endings)

I will also teach you a way to keep the nice include files, so you don’t have to change every page as you would normally with WordPress (like changing the Adsense code).

Many ask me if they have to start anew after they moved their site…? No, that is the whole idea of these tutorials. To keep your pagerank, inlinks, traffic and Alexa ranking.

‘Daniel’s videos made the move of my 100 page site over to WordPress from SBI! a smooth and successful one.

Thanks to Daniel’s videos and personal help over email and skype, the whole process was completed within a few weeks and, once it was done, my traffic level actually rose rather than dropped, as I was worried it would do it has continued to rise since the move),

Daniel replied extremely quickly to all of the questions I sent him via email, was always extremely friendly and helpful, and providedan excellent all round service.

I would highly recommend that anyone looking to move their website to WordPress contact Daniel and use his services.

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Starting out

Hostgator Registration

A word about Alexa ranking: For me it has nothing to do with your success. I’d claim that the more active or discussed you are on the SBI forums, the higher your Alexa ranking…it is ONLY an indicator of how many SEO-interested people (like SBIers) visit your site and use the Alexa toolbar. NOTHING else. So do not worry about your Alexa ranking!

Move SBI Website to WordPress

Ok, that out of the way, so you want to move your site to WordPress? Great!

I created the SBI TO WORDPRESS VIDEO COURSE on a membership basis (one time fee USD 49 +VAT for one year). In this course I show you every step about how to move your site to WordPress and you can send me questions I will answer for all members, so that everyone profits from anybodies questions.

If you want to be shown how to do it whenever you feel stuck, I can help you directly on your screen, as if I was right next to you (we use a free software ). Just send me a mail and we setup a coaching session (15 mins á USD 10 + VAT). This is a VERY effective way to not get stuck but quickly transfer your site. Test it!

There are hundreds, if not thousands of free templates for WordPress, easily installable with just a few clicks. But if you have a template on your SBI site you want to keep, please contact me and I will ask my designers about the cost of adopting it for WordPress.

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